There is no better time than January than to look for a new job. According to https://careersidekick.com/, January and February are excellent months for job seekers for several reasons. Most hiring managers have received new budgets for the year, and the majority of workers are back from vacation. Companies also have a backlog of work and hiring that was on pause during the holiday season has opened back up. Let’s get started on your reasons to be looking.

Your pay does not reflect your value. Have you done your research to make sure your compensation matches the industry standard? Are you in a cycle of payday loans because you can seem to make ends meet even though your spending is in check? There are many free resources for this that will pop up online: https://www.salary.com/ and https://www.glassdoor.com/ just to name a couple. Always know your worth.

New positions are being created constantly. Times change and so do companies. Look at job descriptions if you’re not familiar with the title of the role. There may be a higher paying job out there that is a perfect fit for your skill set. LinkedIn is always a great resource, and you can search for very specific or very broad job titles. Right now if you simply type “marketing manager,” 55,452 open jobs are a match for that title.

You don’t love your boss. If you’ve been in the workforce for a few years, you have very likely had a superior you butt heads with. With the number of hours the average American works every year at over 1,800, no one needs the added stress of a difficult boss. Several studies show that constant conflicts with your boss (or any coworker) can affect you negatively both emotionally and physically.

You want to work remotely. During this time more and more companies are turning fully remote. If you don’t mind attending meetings via video rather than in person, you can very likely find a company that will allow you to work from home.

You’re not doing what you want to do. Your role may have gradually changed until it’s become a completely different job but with the same pay and title. Or maybe you’ve taken a job you should do but don’t want to do. Are you trying to appease your parents or impress your friends? If you take a hard look at yourself and come to the realization that you’re in the wrong role, get out of there! You’ve got options.