Attention Savvy Shoppers!  August tax free holiday weekend is upon us once again and that means residents in Texas can purchase back to school essentials without paying any state tax. This year’s holiday starts Friday, August 6th and goes until Sunday, August 8th. Here is what you need to know to make the most of the Tax-Free Holiday:

1. Clothing

Clothing will be exempt from tax this weekend, making it the perfect time stock up on back-to-school clothing for kids. This can be a great time to scoop up some deals as many retailers are already offering back to school promotions and savings. The more expensive the clothes are the bigger the tax savings will be. Denim, outerwear, and other high-ticket items should be priority for thrifty shoppers. You may also want to consider buying clothing in bigger sizers for kids that are going through growth spurts. This will save you having to pay full price later in the year.

2. Footwear

Like the deals on clothing, tax free weekend is a great time to stock up on shoes.  Shoes tend to come with a bigger price tag then other clothing items, so it is important to be mindful of price limits set by the state. Look for sales and coupons that can help you save even more money on these high-ticket items and consider buying extra in bigger sizers to accommodate growing feet.

3. School Supplies

This weekend is the perfect time to fill your cart with all the necessities for another school year. These items tend to be cheaper but the quantity you may need to purchase means that the tax savings will be well worth your while. Higher-priced items such as backpacks are also considered school supplies and should be top priority to take full advantage of the tax savings available.  

Shoppers should note that only items that cost less than $100 are tax exempt. While in previous years the tax saving were only available for in-store purchase, Texas is now allowing the tax break on phone and online purchases too. Items purchased over the phone or online must be both delivered and paid for during the exemption weekend. It is also important to be aware that not all items that fall in the above categories are considered exempt.  A complete list of eligible and ineligible items can be found here.

Finally, remember to stay safe. The Texas Comptroller is encouraging everybody to be mindful of social distancing and to support Texas businesses this weekend. Happy Shopping!

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