70% of holiday shoppers this holiday season said inflation is at the top of their mind while planning for gifts, and a quarter say they’re looking for cheaper items than last year. If this sounds familiar, this is the guide for you.

Continue reading to learn about how you can complete your holiday shopping on a budget.

Start Early

The easiest way to overspend on holiday gifts is by waiting until the last minute. Instead, start early, and you’ll have time to shop around for the lowest prices instead of being beholden to the prices in the only store you have time to visit on Christmas Eve. For maximum efficiency, put gift ideas next to each name when you jot down your list. 

Set a Budget for Each Giftee

Setting an overall budget will provide you with spending parameters, but to truly accomplish smart spending, you need to go more granular and set an amount for each of your gift recipients. The best way to do this is to start with the people on your list for which you plan to spend the most. Then, divide the remainder of your funds amongst the folks at your lowest spending tier.

This ensures there’s room in your budget for special gifts for your loved ones and enough left over for the people you want to show appreciation to in small ways. 

Get an Assist From Technology

Back in the ol’ days, you used to have to scour the circulars of every shop in a 25-mile radius to find the best deals. Now, with price-checking apps, this data is quite literally in the palm of your hands. Some apps tell you where your gift is sold cheapest, and others let you scan a barcode to see the lowest price.

That last one especially comes in handy when inside stores with price-matching guarantees

Shop with a Purpose

Retail stores are designed to keep you browsing for as long as possible because the more you browse, the more stuff ends up in your cart. So, when shopping on a budget, you must have a plan. Your plan should consist of your list (of course), a set budget, and a time limit to avoid mindless shopping.

A good rule of thumb is only to go down aisles where you’ll find what you need.

Still Need a Little Extra Cash?

If you find yourself at the last long mile and your funds don’t match the remainder on your list, consider a small loan from a reputable personal loan company. The best short-term loan companies should list all interest and fees upfront and break your loan into monthly installments for six-month terms or longer.

Follow These Tips for Successful Shopping on a Budget 

Holiday shopping on a budget doesn’t have to be stressful. You can afford to spend when you start with a plan.

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