How to Give the Perfect Gifts Without Succumbing to Payday Loans

Most holidays during this season are celebrated with the tradition of gift giving. The idea of giving and receiving presents, tearing into that pretty paper to get to the surprise inside, can be so exhilarating. In reality the giving part creates stress. Are you spending enough or are they spending more on you? Did you spend more than you could afford and miss the mark on the gift entirely?

-Use your old gift cards to buy presents
You are bound to receive small gift cards as a stocking stuffer or from an office Secret Santa each year. If any of these cards are for stores you don’t frequent, use them! Match them up with your loved ones’ likes and give them something you would never use.

You can also use miles or points to gift an experience. Have you forgotten about hotel points you’ve racked up? Frequent flier miles?

OR… take advantage of free gift cards that come with a purchase. Many electronics companies that you already use (think laptops, phones, TVs) have promotions during the holidays. You may have already planned a purchase only to find out you now get a $150 with it as a bonus.

-Personalized, crafty gifts
Even if you aren’t skilled in do-it-yourself projects, it’s likely someone in your family is. Picture frames, signs for the home, and personalized ornaments are all special, one-of-a-kind gifts. Use your resources!

-Make a game out of exchanging gifts
At some point many families grow to the size where buying everyone a gift is impractical. Secret Santa with a spending limit works well if all adhere to that dollar amount. Another fun game is White Elephant, and it gets the entire group involved. Participants are more likely to follow the spending limit because you might end up with the gift you actually bought! (And it’s really fun to “steal” someone else’s present.)

-Consider regifting
“Regift” may sound like a 4-letter word, but it’s actually quite logical when handled correctly. You obviously don’t want to give away the scarf Nana knitted you or a gift someone put a lot of thought into. Instead, look through your hall closet and basement- chances are you will find some Secret Santa present you’ve never taken out of the box.

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