Keep Your Most Treasured Items Where They Belong

Don’t pawn when you can borrow! Pawn shops are not all bad, but for most Texans who need access to cash, they should be a last resort. 

Guarantee Loan, unlike pawn shops in Corpus Christi, offers loans without the need to put up your personal belongings, and we give you the time you need to pay back your loan. 

At Guarantee Loan, we offer an alternative to pawn shops by empowering our clients and helping them move forward in their financial life. 

Why Guarantee Loan

Guarantee Loan offers quick, easy to understand personal loans.  We provide Texans with small loans of up to $1,700 with affordable monthly payments over 6-12 months. Our unsecured installment loans are the best pawn shop alternative to get the money you need in a short amount of time.

Customer satisfaction is our top priority and our customers love us!

#1 Personal Loans in Corpus Christie

Pawn shops require physical items be used as collateral and typically only issue small loans of $100-$200.  These loans must be paid back quickly and if the amount owed is not repaid the borrow loses their collateral.

Guarantee Loan offers Texan’s installment loans that not only allow borrowers to access up to $1,700, but we will work with you to determine a payment plan that is affordable.  Our loans can be paid back quickly with no consequence or can be repaid over a longer period to make payments more manageable.

Customer Experience is Our Top Priority

Guarantee Loan has one focus: helping our clients meet their financial needs. We help you build your credit and increase your credit score. Our commitment to a superior customer experience sets us apart. With an easy online application and ten satellite locations across the state of Texas, Guarantee Loan can ensure your borrowing experience is simple and comfortable.

We listen, we learn,

and we react.

Find the location nearest you for help with your fast cash loan needs.

We listen, we learn,

and we react.

Find the location nearest you for help with your fast cash loan needs.

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We specialize in helping people seeking personal loans who otherwise might be turned away by a traditional bank.