“The best preparation for tomorrow is doing your best today.” H. Jackson Brown Jr.

In America, credit scores are an obstacle in so many aspects of life. They determine the area you can live, the credit cards for which you qualify, the cars that you can drive, the mortgages for which you can apply, and that is just naming a few aspects of life that your score will affect. Building up a good credit score can take time and dedication; however, the benefits of having a great credit rating are endlessly beneficial. If you have no current credit rating, or if you are trying to improve a poor credit score, a small, personal loan could be the solution for you. Here are some of the best ways a small personal loan can work to your advantage.

  • Can Be Used to Consolidate Debt. If you have a couple of credit card debts or other repayments with high interest, a small, personal loan can help you to consolidate all your outgoings into one, easy-to-manage repayment plan. This will reduce the amount of debt you have spread out with different institutions, and it will also help to boost your credit rating in the long run by clearing the debt on those cards.
  • Credit Bureaus Reporting. When you seek out a loan provider that directly reports to the credit bureau, you are automatically boosting your credit rating each month that they report you have paid on time. This will take some hard work away from you. Make sure you do some research before choosing your small, personal loan provider so that you are getting the credit you deserve for your dedication to repayments. Alternatively, HSBC Bank suggests asking your loan provider to make evidence of your payments available (a statement) so that you have an overview and a paper trail of your road to a great credit rating.
  • Breaks the Payday Loan Habit. Payday loans are convenient when you need cash fast; however, the interest is extortionate and the likelihood of being able to pay it back as quickly as they demand is difficult. By choosing to go for a longer-term small, personal loan, you are giving yourself the tools you need to get ahead when it comes to your credit rating. No more racing against the payday loan clock, no more stress of monthly interest fees building – give your bank account, and your credit rating a chance to soar with a small, personal loan instead.
  • Replaces Your Credit Card Debt. Maxing out your credit cards will hurt your credit. Additionally, credit card companies will increase your interest rate when payments are late or have been missed. Check your interest rate before making any decisions to ensure you are receiving the best possible interest rate. Oftentimes, the interest you pay on a small, personal loan is lower than what you will pay with a credit card where you have missed payments.
  • Good for First Time Borrowers. Taking out a personal loan and proving that you can make payments every month for the fixed term of the loan will start to build your credit rating. Repaying a small personal loan across several months demonstrates great reliability, in turn, building your credit score.

Overall, a small, personal loan is an option to take control of your credit rating and build the life you deserve moving forward. Be sure to seek out the right provider for you. For more information on how we can help you get the right small, personal loan and boost your credit rating get in contact with us today.

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