Pet ownership is on the rise. With 76% of Americans welcoming a furry friend into their lives, owning a pet is becoming more popular by the day…and for good reason. Not only are pets great company, but there are also health benefits to owing a pet. Lowered blood pressure, cholesterol, and triglyceride levels are all perks that pet owners can look forward too.  Unfortunately, with the good comes the bad and when it comes to having a pet, the bad is the cost to care for them. In some instances, you’ll need access to some fast cash in order to care for your pet. Be sure you are budgeting appropriately!

Caring for any pet is expensive and their care needs to be budgeted for accordingly. Here are some of the most common costs pet owners can expect to encounter:

Food ($250-$1,200 annually)

Everybody needs to eat! Food is an expected and regular cost to owning any pet. There are a wide range of foods available ranging from dry kibble to homemade raw food! Regardless of what you choose to feed your pet, expect this to be your biggest regular expense. Veterinary therapeutic diets or fresh, special food may cost $100 or more per month!

Flea and Tick Treatment ($100-300)

Animals that frequent the outdoors need to be protected against parasites. Your pet will need to be treated regularly to deter fleas and ticks from taking up residence in their fur. Flea and Tick treatments can be in pill form, collar form, or a topical treatment.

Routine Vet Visits ($150-$600)

Pets need their yearly checkup just like we do.   Vaccines, booster shots, and routine tests are all services that you should be budgeting for at least annually. It is also important to note that younger animals, such as puppies and kittens, have higher expenses in their first year that should be planned for. These include more frequent vaccinations, spay/neutering, and heart worm treatments.

Grooming ($100-200)

If you have an animal that has lots of fur it is likely they will need to have it professionally maintained. Grooming is not just a beauty treatment for your pet either.  Dogs and Cats that have long hair are prone to developing painful mats and hot spots that can require medical attention. Grooming is imperative to prevent any extra vet visits.

Boarding ($40 a night)

If you plan to go on vacations or business trips you will need to ensure that you have someone to look after your pet while you are away.  This is where boarding comes in. A typical kennel will charge approximately $40 per night, but this could vary depending on your location and animals’ specific needs.

Walking ($20 a day)

Most relevant to dogs, animals need lots of exercise! If you are working out of the home, you may want to consider hiring a dog walker to get your pooch out of the house while you are at work. Expect to pay approximately $20 per walk.

Unexpected Vet Visits

Last but certainly not least:  the dreaded emergency vet visit. Every pet owner knows that feeling of  having your beloved pet get sick.  The average emergency vet trip costing pet parents upward of $1000. In fact, a pet care survey done by LendEDU, 45% of Americans said they spend the same or more on the healthcare needs of their pets, then they do on themselves and 20% said they had to go into debt to do so.

Having a pet is a big financial commitment. It is important to budget for the needs of your pet and have money set aside in case you find yourself facing some unexpected and unwelcome costs.

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