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FAQs about Traditional Installment Loans

How do traditional installment loans compare to pay-day and title loans?

Payday and title loans are short-term loans that require the borrower to pay a fee based on the amount of money borrowed. Payday and title loans usually do not report credit to the three major credit bureaus. Traditional installment loans are interest-based and are typically repaid over a more extended period.

Payments are equal in amount and consists of both principal and interest; thus if paid early, there is a discount on the interest amount. Guarantee Loan reports every customer’s account activity to all three major credit bureaus. Guarantee Loan is NOT a pay-day lender, and is regulated and examined by the Office of Consumer Credit Commissioner with the State of Texas.

How is the amount of money I can borrow determined?

Guarantee Loan gathers information from an applicant and then verifies the information that is given, such as your residence, income, and expenses. We do our best to determine a borrower’s abilities to repay the installment loans. We look at each borrower independently and do not utilize credit scores or modes when making a decision.

Guarantee Loan does help first-time borrowers establish credit, and in some cases, we can help some re-establish credit through our installment loans. We take all of the factors into consideration upon determining what amount of money an individual is qualified to borrow.

Can I borrow money again once I pay off a loan?

Yes. We have built relationships with our customers over the years, and have many repeat customers. We value the relationships we have established, which can sometimes lead to referral business from our existing customers with installment loans.

Do you have bi-lingual individuals to help those who speak Spanish?

Yes. Each location has staff members who speak Spanish and are eager to assist with the loan process.

Requirements for Installment Loans

Must be 18 Years Old
Must have a Valid Texas Driver’s License or ID
Must have a Valid Social Security Number
Must have a Verifiable Source of Income
Must have a Verifiable Residence
Must not be a Member or Dependent of a Military Household
Must have the Ability to Repay the Loan

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